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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Picked out the new sink and faucet-

Now we just need to get down to Home Depot and buy them. Links later if I remember…


The trim tile missed the truck and now won’t be delivered until Friday. But that’s no big deal because the contractor’s not ready for it yet anyway. They are scraping and sanding and preparing to paint today. Yesterday was mostly a loss as the contractor’s wine-soaked helper fell off a ladder at the first job of the morning and broke his ankle. So the contractor didn’t make it over until late- emergency room visits will do that to ya and today he has a new, untrained but perhaps less drunken helper.


Tonight I’m planting flowers in a previously abandoned by everyone but the cat flower bed after scraping and digging out the weeds and several pounds of cat poop last night. Since our house is being appraised shortly, I want it to be as tidy looking as I can make it. So tonight- flowers!


The BSU & I have both been chasing documentation requested today by the credit union as part of our refinancing effort. That has required phone calls to places we haven’t talked to for several years but has been mostly successful. I still have to make a stop on the way home and by the end of the week, we should have all those questions resolved.


And- its only Tuesday…

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